Sign up for Teacher Training

Level 1 Teacher Training
  • 8 hours pedagogy training
  • 1 hour administration and materials training
  • 6 hours observation
  • Teaching manual and materials
  • One-year membership to the Grove
  • Supplies checklist

15 hours | $750

Level 2-5 Teacher Training
  • 4 hours pedagogy training
  • 3 hours observation

7 hours each | $500

Training Dates

Virtual training – January 15-16, 2022

In-person training – July 22–23, 2022 at Omaha Conservatory of Music, 7023 Cass St. Omaha, NE 68147


Why should I teach String Sprouts?

Becoming involved with String Sprouts is hugely rewarding. As a Sprouts teacher, you’ll be working hands-on with children who may otherwise lack access to high quality music education. And if that weren’t enough, those Sprouts and their tiny instruments are adorable! If changing children’s lives through the power of music education sounds like your jam, register today!